We’re Bridging the Gap Between Climate & Agriculture

Research Areas of Inquiry

A seedling emerging from the soil in our climate & agriculture research


Optimizing biochar application for carbon capture, soil function & economic value.

A saltwater marsh at dawn

Saltwater Intrusion

Understanding agricultural, economic & ecosystem impacts of flooding sea-level.

Climate & agricultural work together to produce row crops like these

Carbon Stability & Emissions

Evaluating agricultural systems for production, economics & stewardship.

Updates from #NCSTATECASM

It’s alive! @thejuliafleiner began her lab experiment to quantify GHG production from coastal farm soils under varied saltwater flooding scenarios today 😎. #NCSTATECASM Thanks to @AlexWoodleySoil for shared use of his @NC_PSI lab. @CropAndSoil @Picarro

N is too expensive to lose, but up to 50% of applied N can be lost in soil cycling. @AlexWoodleySoil is studying if EEFs can improve N use efficiency, reduce GHGs, and potentially reduce farm inputs. He’s looking beyond yield. #NCSTATECASM

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Interdisciplinary Impact

CASM is an multi-disciplinary research group from several NC State departments and is a founding cohort in the NC Plant Sciences Initiative.

Crop & Soil Sciences
Agricultural & Resource Economics
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Biological & Agricultural Engineering